Friday, December 10, 2010

What is the country known for?

It is a place to see the 250-year old mummy at SOPAIMA, SUROBA village. . Another thing which brought fame to the Dani tribe are the several hundred years old ”smoked” mummies of famous tribesmen. this can be served as a unique or a MUST to visit places which will eventually attract the number of Tourists. 

Other than Mummies, the Scenery is also one of the place in which all you can see is just the Mountains and Mountains including the Ocean.

Resort was Built!
The Baliem Valley Resort

Resort has been built in Baliem Valley which is done similarly to lives or culture of Dani’s. the resort offers 15 circular rooms colorized by local style especially the Honai’s, done with a super large sun terrace with comfortable sun-chairs and the roofs made from local grass that made you feel the ‘air’ of the tribes. All rooms are completed with handmade wooden furniture and the spacious bathroom with natural stonewalls, fulfilled with all common bathrooms amenities. All these facilities are seems like having a theme which represented the culture of the Danis’ Tribe.
This is one of the Bedroom of the Resort Villa

Villa amenities:

  • All rooms offer a great view over the vast resort area.

  • Each room has diameter about 10 meters with elegant interior design.

  • The spacious bathrooms are nicely finished with natural stonewalls

  • Handmade wooden furniture

  • All rooms have a super large sun-terrace with comfortable chairs and sun-chairs

  • Blanket

  • Hot and cold shower, dressing room, towels, common bathroom-amenities

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