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To my Own Understanding of Disneyfication means changing of world towards globalisation, Modernised and moving to make improvement in our Standard of Living. Likewise to Dani’s Tribe which I had research on, although they are belonging to the Indigenous Group, they are moving towards “Disneyfication” so as to improve their standard of living.

In cultural point of Dani’s, some of the traditional cultures were not performed like chopping off fingers if their relative or someone whom they knew were dead. Minority of the Dani’s did not chop off because they are slowly being influenced by the outside world and had changed their minds. They had opened up their culture to the outsiders to come because of Globalisation which the Indonesia Government had done to promote their cultures. 

There were new developments being done in the Dani’s tribe like, roads being built to make it accessible for the locals as well as the tourists. However, despite receiving large amounts of money by the Indonesia government, there is very little improvement in the lives of the population. Majority of funds have been invested in government infrastructure and roads in district government places.

During the last three decades, Papua has undergone significant changes in the economic growth. The number of people living in poverty and in severe poverty has increased. It had gradually formed a huge income gap between people in rural and urban areas. The largest contributors to the economy of Papua are mining and agriculture due to Disneyfication because the locals getting to make use of their land which are rich in agriculture. There are also forms of cultivation that are being produced such as coconut, cloves, nutmeg, cashews, palm oil and rubber but very little of this benefits native Papuans as part of it is dominated by migrants.

(j) analyse the changes that have been brought about by the growth of tourism in the country
Improvements had being made with the help of some organisations which states that “Since June 2007 Yasumat and Papua Partners have been working with women in the District of Ninia in Yahukimo to help them in the first stages of income generation activities.  A women's cooperative was initiated working which brings together 12 villages.  In each village women are raising rabbits and have started a small business selling bread or sweet potato & onion snacks.  The women also receive training in basic business skills and a credit scheme was started in 2008 which has to date helped set up 15 new micro-enterprises.” This shows that Dani’s women are getting to learn more skills to upgrade themselves so that they will not be living like past few decades. They are becoming dependable. 

It is very common to find schools in the districts without teachers and clinics without staff for the majority of the year. Some teachers have never gone to their assigned schools even once. However, life had being improving as shown “In order to increase access to primary education in remote areas Papua Partners partner Yasumat has established 'parallel schools'. “  Papua Partners organisation had worked together with other organisation to help in building more schools and improve it to become better than last time. They also give basic opportunities for educations are helping people in Papua discover who they are and find themselves worthwhile.
Papua Partners supports the Yasumat education program in finding funds and in program management, strengting the education teams' capacity for delivering a more effective and far reaching service. This can help Dani’s tribe to get away from what they are in the Past and be Globalised or Disneyfication. 

(k) comment on whether tourism has been a culprit in commodifying cultures and traditions?  
In my opinion, i think yes. As the terms of tourism, there are more and more terminology coming up like Spas tourism, Sport tourism, Culture tourism etc.. Without being able to get into the pace of the modern world, the country is sure bound to have problems like insufficient money to support its people etc. thus, visiting indigenous tribes is a way to increase tourism receipt as well as revenue. 

However, when opened up the tribes to tourist, changes must be done like building roads, hotels, shopping malls etc. all these places need Land therefore, to get these land is to demolish some of the Tribes homes and developed it into an Leisure activities or Attractions. While doing all these for the benefits of the Country, Do they consider about how the Indigenous Tribes will feel? This is an important questions in concerning about the Tribes' feelings. 

As times goes by, Some of these Indigenous Groups may abolish the way that they had lived after being influenced by the tourist of wanting to get a new life. Thus, original cultures will slowly disappeared.

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