Friday, December 10, 2010

Tradition Of Dani

Dani's are considering a world-renowned tradition of wood carving. These carvers create forms of plants or animals, because they believe these are their ancestor beings. They also create traditional skull portraits. this is what some Buddhism believe that when during the 7th days of the dead, they will transform to certain things and come back to see their families. This is called the Beliefs

Old traditions
Sex is taboo for the women after giving birth, for 2 to 5 years. hence, Dani raised fewer but healthier kids since the women’s focus is on babysitting during the first years of their kids life.

Dani men are allowed to have more as many wifes as they can afford. A man should give 4-5 pigs to the girl’s parent he wants to marry. For Dani men, his social status are being seen or judged by the number of wives and pigs he has.

Way Of Cooking
The Dani people bring the banana steams, leaves and submerged in the pond. After that they put them in the huts (fire place) until it takes 2-4 months. Then they sell among the local people or to the relatives, but sometimes they put on the steam.

Description of Making Spear
Iron trees only grow in a colder area  of West -Papua which helps to make into Weapon. The People in the highland areas, especially the Dani people get the Iron tree from the jungle and then put them in a pond or under running water. After two or three months,  they will then polish it with pig fat.  Long time ago, long iron spears were used to kill enemies of other tribes in  the highlands, but also to hunt wild pigs.

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