Friday, December 10, 2010

Indigenous groups In Indonesia

Below Examples are some of the Indigenous Group that can be found in Indonesia in parts of the Provinces. In Just one island of Sulawesi, there are already 3-4 Indigenous group available. hence, with the Big number of Groups, Indonesia Government is slowly promoting and preserve the Rights and protect the Indigenous Group as it also served a source of Revenue in increasing the number of Tourism Receipts. In terms of DISNEYFICATION, indigenous groups regions has been opened up and they will have to learn to get used to it by having Tourist of different skin Colours or hair colours to come and visit their homes.

Their indigenous groups

-          TheWana, West Sulawesi
-          Tombulu tribe, North Sulawesi
-          Dani, West Papua*
-          Halmahera, North Maluku province of Indonesia
-          Mentawaians, Siberut Island

*I will be Focusing on Dani's tribes! =D

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