Friday, December 10, 2010

Mode Of Education

Papua has the lowest level of adult literacy in the Indonesia, at 74.4 percent (Indonesia Human Development Report 2004).

In some rural areas, the figure reaches to around 30% among adult men and 50% among adult women with some areas having almost zero literacy. Overall school attendance is low and the percentage of dropouts among the pupils who leave primary school is also high.

There are many reasons for the poor levels of education and literacy and school attendance  which includes the poor quality of the education system, facilities and low commitment from teachers especially in rural areas.

In general, schools away from the  government schools are found in a main village but the rest of the villagers are staying too far away for the children to walk. Secondary schools are mainly in towns and basic facilities are poorly equipped and also, with many students crammed into very small and unhygienic conditions places is not a good place or environment to study.

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