Friday, December 10, 2010

Types of Leisure Programmes (E.g. festivals, events, sports, other recreation…)

Festival Programmes
One of the main festivities in Dani culture is the Pig Feast which can be held for weddings, funerals or other important occasions. One or more pigs will be slaughtered (after being killed the traditional way with bow and arrow), prepared and cooked in a traditional earth oven.

The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival
This event, you will see the Papuan tribes in action, there will be an incredible war demonstration, and you will be able to see the different kinds of Papua highland penis gourd from the Dani people as well as the  long gourd from the Mek tribe, Dani traditional net bags, a real out acting of   a funeral, and much more.

Trekking in Dani done by some Travel Agent

DAY 01:  Arrival in Wamena, walking up to Ugem village. The scenery and local people are welcome you. They are friendly, smile and say ” Wah” Wah”  which means (welcome).

Day 02 :  Hitugi, meet the big chief and was allowed to visit the secret hut, but will never enter in, just stand outside and take a photo out of it. Overnight at in the Sykosimo or known as “the siep and kosay village”.

DAY 03: Syokosimo village, descend the steep hill down to traditional hanging bridge across Mugi River

Comments Made by Tourists experienced the Travelling
Comments by Thomas Kempf & Steffi Peter
"We slept together with our team in local huts, but also it is possible for other tourist to sleep alone in modern buildings there." From the Word Modern, we can say that Dani's had undergo changes in providing Tourist with a comfortable place to visit and stay on to experience the Way of Life of the Dani's Tribe.

Aiport in Wamena
First thing to do is to buy a written ticket and then get on board, sit where you like, doors are closed and off .. No searches, security checks or safety drills, fasten your belt is done. Almost all the passengers are locals and carry-on baggage can be black plastic rubbish bags, plastic buckets, nets, or even trays of eggs tied together with string. Checked in baggage can also be in plastic bags, cartons or paper parcels and is not subject to any control. although Dani's Villages is being changed to become accessible, the Safety issues was not well done to ensure that it is safe for tourists to travel through Planes.

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