Friday, December 10, 2010

Their languages

Bahasa Indonesia is the national and official language in the entire country. It is the language of official communication, taught in schools and spoken on television. Most Indonesians today speak at least two languages or more, Bahasa Indonesia and their local language, of which Indonesia counts more than 300 regional languages. There are 583 languages and dialects spoken by the different ethnic groups in Indonesia.

For example, Americans have a large various of names for colors however, the Dani tribe only has 2:  one for dark "cold" colors & one for lighter "warm" colors.  -Eleanor Rosch

Language relativity hypothesis is a concept where by for examples, Dani held two colour‘mili’ and ‘mola’.These terms are unique as they do not describe either brightness or  individually, but a combination of the two. Dani are not stable with their usage of colour terms; for instance, when asked which chip was the best example of ‘mola’ most Dani chose a dark red, but some chose a light pink. Furthermore, it had suggested the best example of mola was a dark red were ‘equally likely to acknowledge or deny the existence of a ‘red’ term’.

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