Friday, December 10, 2010

Culture Of Indonesia

Hi all! I am going to give a brief information on the Culture of Indonesia.

Culture of Indonesia is brought by Portuguese traders and Dutch colonists. 'Adat'' law has been implemented in maintaining gender equality in Indonesia. It is Country full of Interesting places with a Big Number of Indigenous Tribes within a small province.

Indonesia is rich in handicrafts. Various forms of handicrafts are like for example, woodcarvings for ornament and furniture, silverwork and engraving. While Bali has different styles of clay, sandstone and wood sculptures.

Religion in Indonesia
The majority of the population follows Islam. In fact Indonesia is the nation with largest Muslim population. there are also other religion like Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism available.

Surprisingly, youth in Indonesia living in the large cities are modern and follow international trends, however when it comes to weddings, couples still follow the traditions in which on the side of both the bride’s and bridegroom’s parents.

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